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Coalition Membership

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If you own or operate a quality sober living home in Southern California, you are eligible for membership in a local Sober Living Coalition. See below for the counties where they currently operate. Membership identifies your house as being safe, clean, well-managed and ethical. Members also share in the decades of collective experience of some of the best sober living providers today. They have the means to stay current with best practices nationwide. They’re informed about legal and regulatory events affecting their operations, and the lives of the recovering individuals they serve.

Membership applications are made to the county coalition where your home is located. Each coalition requires that applicants COMPLETELY PREPARE their membership material FIRST – THEN CALL FOR INSPECTION APPOINTMENTS. Ensure that your house is fully prepared to meet the coalition’s health, safety and management requirements, described in the material below.

Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the membership process and the areas of your operation that will be reviewed for compliance with your coalition’s standards. Read your Coalition’s overview of requirements and pre-inspection guidelines below.

Southern California County Sober Living Coalitions:
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura Counties.

Benefits of membership

Preparing for your home inspection

Policy on minors in sober living homes

Network Standard for Quality Sober Living Homes

Los Angeles County Coalition

Role and Benefit of Membership

Pre Inspection Checklist

Membership Application

OnSite Inspection Form

Code of Ethics

Resident Grievance Policy (for posting in the home)

Orange County Coalition

Membership Application

Code of Ethics

Applicatoin Checklist

Grievance Policy

Membership Requirements

Grievance Policy

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Request for Changes

Riverside County Coalition

Application for Membership

Membership requirements

Membership opportunity

Code of Ethics

Grievance policies and procedures

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Request form for membership record changes

San Bernardino County Coalition

Summary of Membership Requirements

Pre Inspection Checklist

Membership Application

Code of Ethics

Grievance Policies (for posting in home)

On Site Inspection Form

Ventura County Coalition

Summary of membership requirements (read this first!)

Application for membership

Code of Ethics

Pre-inspection checklist

Sober Living Network–San Diego

Summary of membership requirements

Code of Ethics

Application for membership

Home inspection form

Resident grievance policy (for posting in the home)

Membership applications are made to the coalition in the county where your home is located.

Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County Project Director
Vince at (818) 749-9570 for information or a home inspection appointment.

Orange County
Orange County Field Office
Conor Van Ngyuen (714) 330-9507 for information.

Riverside County
Riverside County Field Office
Glenn Jordan at (951)219-8021 for information.

San Bernardino County
San Bernardino County Chair
Gabe Ramirez at (909) 910-8422
For any information regarding membership, inspections or existing members or grievances.

Ventura County
Ventura County Chair
Rusty Nowlin at (805) 231-4567
For information or to schedule an inspection appointment.

San Diego County – Contact the Sober Living Network office at (626) 712-1348 for information or to schedule an inspection appointment.

If you have any general questions about the application process, please call the contact for your County or the Sober Living Network office at (310) 396-5270

You are also invited to attend any of the local Coalition or Chapter meetings in your area.

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