Mixed group of students in classOverseeing the operation of a sober living home presents challenges that aren’t obvious to the casual observer or to the hopeful entrepreneur.

Too many people open sober living homes without adequate preparation and training. That can cause great harm to vulnerable residents struggling to stay clean and sober. To be successful, you need a broader set of skills than is required in most businesses. That’s where we come in.

The Sober Living Network offers training in various aspects of operating sober living homes. Our workshops are open to anyone in the community. Our current course offerings are summarized below.


You are eligible for an early registration fee of $159 if you register and pay by credit card online at least 24 hours prior to the date of your workshop.  You may pay full the full price of $175 with a check or money order at the door. More information is available on our registration page.

Developing and Managing Quality Sober Housing

We have created this workshop as a “big picture” introduction and broad overview of sober living for operators, managers, and those thinking about opening a sober living residence. This workshop satisfies the basic training requirements for membership in the five Southern California sober living coalitions. If you are considering opening a sober living, or if you haven’t taken one of our workshops before, we recommend that you begin with this one. More detailed descriptions can be found here.

In addition This workshop covers day-to-day operations of sober living in more depth than the “big picture” The sessions cover management and operating issues for those already operating one or more homes, and for those working as sober living managers. Completion of the workshop satisfies training requirements for membership in the five Southern California sober living coalitions, and earns the Sober Living Network Leadership Training Certification. More detailed description can be found here.