comunityCommunity Recovery Support Resources

Community recovery resources offer a practical and cost-efficient way to assist alcoholics, addicts and family members to enter and maintain long-term recovery.

The current alcohol and drug treatment system does not have the capacity to meet the long-term recovery assistance needs required to meet the needs of the many. The treatment system is too heavily invested in short-term treatment and too little invested in the development of safe and healthy community recovery promoting environments and activities that are constantly available to support recovery and life style enhancements.

Alcohol and drug treatment programs have been formatted by government and academic institutions into quality “people processing” treatment stations that are now too costly per person assisted to significantly reduce addiction problems.

Community recovery is based on the postulate that safe and sober places filled with healthy recovery activities provide the environments, motivation and recovery tools for alcoholics, addicts and family members to assist (process) themselves. Operators maintain healthy and safe environments and promote individual recovery responsibility.

Community recovery resources include self-help meetings, Alano clubs-which host self-help activity, community recovery centers, sober living housing, and sober recreational and social events. Community recovery centers are self-service spaces that offer education sessions, host self-help groups, hold social/recreational events and have counseling and therapy available by self-selection. Community recovery centers, activities and housing are easily adaptable to meet the broad ethnic, cultural and physically challenged needs.

Community recovery resources are assisting millions of alcoholics, addicts and family members in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions with little or no support from government and health insurance funding sources. Sober living homes, Alano clubs and community recovery centers are primarily created and supported by recovering persons motivated by a call to be of service to others.