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The Sober Living Network gratefully acknowledges the support of the individuals and organizations listed below. They’re helping us realize the vision of quality recovery support available for all those who need it.

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Donate to the Sober Living Network

We can’t do it without you! When someone needs a safe and supportive place to sustain them in early recovery, they can turn to us. Help us help them, and your message of support will reach thousands of visitors to this site each month. Call us at (310) 396-5270, , and we’ll be happy to discuss our needs and how you can best assist.

Resource sites

These organizations are dedicated to the common purpose of reducing the toll of alcoholism and addiction. Our Resources section is still a work in progress, but we thought we’d add a few friends of the Network here while the new section is under construction. Enjoy:



If you’d like to become a sustaining member of the Sober Living Network, please contact us at the phone number or email link below,and we’ll be happy to discuss our goals, needs and programs with you in more detail.

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