Has The City Of Los Angeles Declared War On Renters?

If you own or rent a single family home or duplex in the City of Los Angeles, you may be at risk!

The City proposes to ban all “multiple-lease” agreements in duplexes or single family residences within the City of Los Angeles.

Any single family residence or duplex using more than one leasing or rental agreement, written or oral, will be declared a boarding house and prohibited from operating in low density residential areas. This ordinance may affect these uses of single family homes or duplexes:

2 or more students sharing a home (even their parents’ home)
2 or more seniors sharing a home
2 or more people of any relationship sharing a home
2 or more persons with disabilities sharing a home

Owners of rental homes

See this new, important section for information on the Los Angeles ordinance proposal, and the action you need to take.

The Sober Living Network and the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition are actively opposing this ordinance. Our letter to the Planning Commission, highlighting serious legal questions, is online. Read it here.

These and similar studies suggest that sober living should play a prominent role in publicly supported efforts to combat the social toll of addiction and drug dependency. However sober living is virtually ignored by most governmental sources of funding.

Recovery Summit 2011

Network Board member and past President Susan Burton was named one of the 10 CNN Heroes of 2010.

The Sober Living Network provides a range of community services, including:

  • Information, training, technical assistance and advocacy for quality sober living homes and community centers;
  • Development and promotion of quality assurance standards for sober living homes;
  • Management assistance to five Southern California county sober living coalitions, including effective implementation of standards by their members.
  • Direct assistance to homes serving at-risk women with young children. (For a description of that program, and an application for assistance, visit the Safe & Healthy Homes program page.)
  • A voice for adequate recognition, respect and legitimacy for community recovery support resources.
  • A resource to local and state governmental and administrative bodies on the policy implications of regulations concerning drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment, as well as land use and zoning issues that affect the health and viability of community recovery resources.

The Sober Living Network is a nonprofit tax-exempt public benefit corporation that gratefully accepts donations from those who understand the need for long-term recovery supportive housing and other community-based means of addressing the disease of addiction.