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Since the Sober Living Network started in 1995, we’ve used technology to provide a directory of homes, inspected thousands of homes and conducted countless trainings.

Our old site was up for years, and was time for an upgrade!

New Platform

Our site is now built on a modern platform, which means it is is built on a solid database. We used to have to have a developer edit code, now our Administrators can add, edit and remove houses themselves! Our time for changes will be reduced dramatically.

New Search 

We’ll be rolling out new search features, and have already rolled out text-search, price search and attribute searching. This will be enhanced and improved now we’re on a new platform.


Now our site can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets, as well as laptops/desktops. We’ll be rolling out even more mobile optimizations over the coming days and weeks.

Online Inspections

Our Inspectors will now be able to have the option to login to the inspection forms and record the results directly to the site. We’re going to be going more green and removing so much paper from our processes.



We’re going to be rolling out major new features for our Members.


We’ll be able to provide Member Owner/Operators a login to manage your own listings on the site. You won’t have to call us for simple changes.


Membership Fees and Training Fees will all be able to be made online. (You can still pay by check if needed, but this is easier for most)


We’ll be able to provide images, galleries, videos and more for our Premium Members.


Each Member Home will have not only the listing in the directory, but will have their own landing page, where we’ll roll out ability to add and edit Amenities for your homes. Got a pool? Check the box and it will show and be a search term.  On the beach? People should know.

This is just a small overview of the new features coming up. We’re working hard to improve our site and systems to serve our community better.

Thank you!

-The Sober Living Network Board

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